Temple hanging,  Sampot Hol
Khmer People
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
19th century
Silk weft ikat , all natural dyes
38" x 126"  (97 x 320 cm)

Because of its unusual iconography, it is possible that this textile served as a temple hanging for Buddhist ceremonies. The motif is a highly detailed rendition of the temple/nak configuration. A sinuous pair of nak figures are depicted flying above the roofs of temples. The snakes frame a fierce mask or face that is a clear allusion to the Kala/Kirtimukah deity, "devourer of time", whose multi-armed image is often placed above temples. The prasat are architecturally complex with multiple tiers,balconies, arches and roofs and meticulously convey the style of local temples. 


khmer sampot hol