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catalogues published by Andres Moraga Textile Art

African Textiles (2009)
Cache-sexes of the Bana Guili (2009)

Both catalogues can be previewed and ordered at:

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The Textile Museum, Washington DC
National Museum of African Art
Quai Branly Museum, Paris
Musée Dapper, Paris

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World Shibori Network



references and articles

Vanessa and Andres Moraga
“From the Infinite Blue: Mapuche Chiefs' Ponchos of Southern Chile”

Vanessa Drake Moraga
“The Mapuche Stepped-Cross Design”   TRIBAL X: 3/40  Spring 2006 

Vanessa Drake Moraga
“Their Own Fantastic Universe: Ceremonial Cache-Sexe of the Bana Guili Kirdi”
HALI 162, Winter 2009

Vanessa Drake Moraga
“The Language of the Birds”   HALI 149 Nov/Dec 2006
“The Cult of the Sea“   HALI 144 Jan/Feb 2006 
“Camelid Constellations”   HALI 141 July/Aug 2005 

Vanessa Drake Moraga
“An Intoxicating Vision: Shamanic Imagery in Pre-Columbian Textiles” 
HALI 125, Nov/Dec 2002 

Vanessa Drake Moraga
“Feeding the Earth and the Ancestors:Chuspa Rituals and the Coca Cult in the Pre-Columbian Andes" HALI 100, Sept 1998